Thursday, September 9, 2010

Help with Linking Photos to the CC MB

Hope this helps!

You have to have a place to upload your photos (other than CC MB)....Photobucket ...a Blog...etc.
Don't feel intimated by the blog do not have to advertise the blog or feel obligated to keep the comments up to date.
It can simply be your spot for uploading your artwork and making it “viewable” on the CC MB!

If you get the message above - right click and select..."Allow"....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Curtain Call 46

My entry to Curtain Call 46

Ingenious Paper Rack...Thanks to the Hub!

Instructions below photo:

Step 1: 1 ½ “ “L” Brackets x 6 with a grinder or Dremel cut
1 of the screw holes open on each bracket
Step 2: Install shelves on base backwards so that the fence or “lip” faces outwards.
Step 3: Set open end of “L” bracket on support post (underside of shelf). \
Step 4: Use cable ties to fix it in place. Use cable ties to attach back end of shelf to “L” bracket.
Should result in about 1” of slope.
$9.00 for shoe rack, $0.50 per “L” bracket

Hurricane Earl...The Hurricane that Wasn't

After strapping all the deck furniture down, purchasing lots of water, pots to cook on the barbecue, batteries, canned goods, the list goes on...Hurricane Earl was no more than some much needed rain (not much at that) and minimal winds!